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    Criminal Defense Attorney St. Louis

    We handle lower level criminal defense matters and other types of criminal cases because we deal with the same courts, prosecutors, and judges as we would a traffic ticket case. Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to review the evidence in your case, maintain copies of the police report and establish a case set on aggressively defending you and your rights.

    At Traffic Law Center, our criminal defense attorney will work with you tirelessly to establish a case that is focused on clearing your name and if possible, maintaining your freedom.

    These are the type of criminal cases that we will accept:

    Theft Charges - In the State of Missouri, first offense theft charges can be issued if the property or services of someone is taken without consent.  The charge of Class A Misdemeanor Theft is issued if the stolen property is less than a $500 value.

    Robbery Charges – A robbery or burglary charge is considered the forcible taking of property from someone without their permission. First and Second degree robbery charges carry heavy consequences including jail time and financial penalties if found guilty.

    Fraud Charges – A Fraud charge can be issued when an individual uses a credit or debit card with the intent of acquiring goods and or services without authorization of use. A Class D Felony is issued when purchases exceed $500 in a 30 day period. 

    Drug Possession – As perhaps the strictest state in the U.S. regarding drug possession laws, if you are found with drug paraphernalia you could be facing a Class C Felony charge, equating to up to 7 years in jail and a $5,000 fine (max sentence).

    Assault - There are 3 degrees of assault in Missouri, all involving the excessive use of force, neglect or the threatening of physical damage to others. A third degree assault charge is considered a misdemeanor, but could require restitution of damages paid to the victim if found guilty. 

    Weapons - There are numerous weapon charges in St. Louis, including the illegal selling or possession of a firearm, carrying without a concealed weapon permit, unlawful discharge, possession of a weapon while intoxicated and more. These charges, if convicted, could not only lead to a tarnished criminal record, but can lead to significant jail time and fines.

    Parole Violations – Being placed on parole is a privilege with stipulations, and if you violate your parole conditions you could not only face revocation of the parole, but steep fines, community service, significant jail time and more.

    Once you have contacted a Traffic Law Center Criminal Defense attorney, we will focus on providing you the highest level of legal representation. Criminal cases offer a variety of unique components that will need to be researched and addressed on an individual case basis. For a confidential and free consultation with a Criminal Defense attorney in St. Louis, please email or call 314-842-5381, Ext. 123.