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    Drug Possession Charges in St. Louis

    We represent individuals charged with possession of drugs or paraphernalia. When an individual is charged with possession of a small quantity of drugs it can have serious ramifications, in terms of educational advancement or employment, when and if a conviction appears on the individual's criminal record.

    Drug charges and cases we accept include:

    • Possession
    • Distribution
    • Manufacturing
    • Transportation
    • Prescription Forgery

    For example, college students, or college bound students, must disclose drug convictions on their FAFSA form. There is a strong likelihood that an individual will lose his or her eligibility for Federal Student Aid if they have been convicted of a specified drug offense. A plea bargain can often be obtained whereby probation or drug education is ordered as a way to avoid a criminal conviction.

    Possession of Paraphernalia

    State and local prosecutors who handle traffic dockets often handle low level drug charges as well. Since we already have working relationships with these prosecutors,why not call TLC to defend your drug possession of marijuana or possession of paraphernalia case?

    For a confidential free consultation regarding drug possession charges in St. Louis, please contact us or call 314-842-5381.