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    Speeding Tickets in Illinois

    Kristen A. Sweet is the Traffic Law Center ® attorney assigned to courts in Illinois in or near the St. Louis metropolitan area (Madison, St. Clair, and many other counties in Illinois). Ms. Sweet's office is located at 4215 S. Illinois Highway 159, Glen Carbon, Illinois (618-656-1000).

    In Illinois, the standard policy of local state's attorneys is to offer a period of court supervision which allows the driver to avoid a conviction that appears on the driver's record that insurance companies are able to see. This disposition may be offered if the speed is not excessive and in order to avoid the time and expense of a trial. In order to dissuade the driver from further speeding, the state's attorney may require that the driver pay a higher fine.

    The Traffic Law Center's ® goal is to help clients avoid a mark on the driving record that can be used as a reason to raise the driver's insurance rates. In addition, multiple speeding tickets on a driver's record record can result in a suspension or even revocation of the driver's license.