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Leaving the Scene

Drivers, following a collision, are required, to:

  • Stop in a safe place.
  • Render aid to anyone injured
  • Provide personal information to the appropriate party.
  • If driver unable to identify the appropriate party, the driver must leave a note with contact information AND file an accident report with the police.

Leaving the scene of an accident can be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor depending on such factors as: physical injury to another party, property damage level, and/or prior convictions of leaving the scene.

In addition to license suspension or revocation, imprisonment, and fines, a driver may civil liability if someone was harmed in the accident.

Since many drivers who leave the scene of an accident are attempting to avoid legal penalties from being under the influence or driving without a valid license, or simply afraid, extenuating circumstances surrounding the accident can result in additional charges.

Many times, drivers are erroneously charged with leaving the scene when damage is insignificant, or non-existent, the driver was unaware that he/she struck another vehicle or person, or someone other than the owner was driving the vehicle.

TLC attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help drivers who are charged with leaving the scene resolve these charges.

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