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    Parole Violations in St. Louis

    When a person is convicted and sentenced for a criminal violation, the sentence may include probation with conditions. Violation of one or more of the conditions of probation can result in incarceration, fines, and other consequences.

    Parole violation consequences include:

    • Jail Time
    • More Fines
    • Parole Revoked
    • Community Service
    • Rehabilitation Programs

    TLC will guide you throughout the entire process to help eliminate the possibility of another parole violation.

    What can I do to improve the outcome of my case?

    Collect evidence of your good character such as reference letters, recommendations, church affiliations, community service documents, employment history documents, and other documents that express good character. Keep a record of all significant events and potential witnesses. It is important to always exercise your right to remain silent and retain qualified counsel immediately. Lastly, we do not recommend investigating your own case.

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