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    Attorneys in St. Louis at the Traffic Law Center have handled numerous cases throughout 20 years. What's the difference between the Traffic Law Center® and other traffic law firms? 

    Experience, Manpower, and Reliability.

    Our attorneys and staff are highly effective at handling traffic matters, each having had extensive traffic law experience in Missouri, Illinois and Kansas. The average TLC employee has been with the Traffic Law Center® for over ten years, and together we have handled hundreds of thousands of cases within the past two decades. We'd like to be able to help you with yours as well. 

    Our seven full-time attorneys are available every day of the week to appear in court for our clients.  We often wonder how a traffic law firm with one or two attorneys can make it around to 5 or 6 different courts scheduled for the same morning. When your name is called out in court, we want to make sure that your attorney is present to represent you in court.