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    Juvenile Cases Lawyer in St. Louis

    It has been our experience that the advice and counsel of an attorney in juvenile matters can be extremely helpful.

    Youth under the age of 17 alleged to have committed law violations in Missouri are referred to the Family Court. In such cases, the Court endeavors to correct the delinquent behavior, strengthen family functioning and protect the community. Investigative, counseling and case management services are provided by Deputy Juvenile Officers (DJOs)

    Many delinquency referrals to the Court are handled through the informal adjustment process. This is a voluntary process in which a DJO and the family agree to address the referral without a court hearing. These services are typically reserved for status offenses (including runaway, truancy and curfew referrals) and less serious law violations. Juveniles in need of ongoing help may receive Informal Treatment Services. In that event, the juvenile and parents enter into a contract which outlines expectations for all involved. Juveniles who do not need continuing services, but who can benefit from a specific consequence for their behavior, may be assigned to the Case Monitoring Unit. DJOs in this unit monitor a juvenile's progress in completing certain programs or satisfying specified conditions of behavior.

    When a referral to the Court involves a more serious law violation, a DJO will conduct a thorough social investigation in preparation for a court hearing. If the charges against the juvenile are found true at the court hearing, information gathered by the DJO may be considered by the Court in determining the most appropriate disposition (outcome) for the case.


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