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    Driving While License Suspended In St. Louis

    A conviction for driving while suspended or revoked has the potential to seriously impact a person's driving record and could result in jail time, high fines and further periods of suspension or revocation.

    Because it is in the interest of the state that drivers are properly licensed and insured, prosecutors will often show leniency to a driver charged with driving while revoked or suspended. This could be the case if the driver has had his or her license reinstated, has obtained insurance, or has made restitution to an injured party. Ultimately, when the client complies with the prosecutor's requirements, it is possible that there may be a disposition that avoids a conviction or jail time. Such a disposition will most likely require a period of probation to insure that the driver maintains his or her insurance and avoids further run-ins with law enforcement.

    If you are driving with a suspended license in Missouri, Illinois or in the Kansas City area, contact the Traffic Law Center ®. Don't risk jail time, fines or further periods of suspension or revocation. A TLC St. Louis, Illinois or Kansas City traffic law attorney can to work with you to get your driver's license reinstated or to defend you in court if you have been charged with DWLS or DWLR.