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    Driving While Suspended In Illinois

    Kristen A. Sweet is the Traffic Law Center ® attorney who handles driving while suspended tickets in Illinois.

    Driving while suspended or revoked (DWLS) is considered a serious criminal offense. In Illinois, a DWLS will be charged, at least, as a Class A misdemeanor. The driver will face up to a year in jail and/or a fine up to $2,500.00. A DWLS, if there are aggravating circumstances, can be charged as a felony, and the driver may face 7 years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000.00.

    Many drivers, who drive while suspended, do not know that they've been suspended until they are arrested. The Illinois Secretary of State (SOS) will inform an individual of a pending suspension or revocation by mail to the last address on file with the SOS. If the driver does not keep his contact information current, the SOS, having mailed a letter to the driver's address, will have complied with its responsibility, thus a claim in court that the driver "didn't know" won't carry much weight with the judge.

    If an individual becomes aware of a license suspension or revocation he should not drive until legal to do so, determine why the license was suspended, and do what is necessary to clear the suspension.
    Examples of the most common suspensions are failure to appear in court, driving without insurance, unpaid parking tickets, too many moving violations, auto emission testing failures, failure to pay a traffic fine, or statutory summary suspension for DUI. There can also be suspensions for non-driving matters, such as failure to pay child support.

    The first thing a driver who has been suspended needs to do is to find out why he or she was suspended, then take action to clear these issues from the driving record. For example, failures to appear can be cleared by filing a motion to vacate the conviction in the court of origin of the ticket. Mandatory Insurance Suspensions can be removed by getting SR-22 (proof of insurance) on file with the state. rested, but can be helpful even after being arrested.

    It is a big help to your attorney in handling your case if you start the license restoration process as soon as you become aware that your license has been suspended.

    A Traffic Law Center ® attorney can help you with the license restoration process. We can go to court for (or with) you to answer the charges and try to obtain sufficient time for you to be reinstated. If you are making a good faith effort and progress towards reinstatement, most judges and prosecutors are willing to work with us to grant you the time to take care of the issues that causes your suspension.

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