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    Theft Charges in St. Louis

    First offender theft cases are usually handled in municipal courts, or "night courts". When the amount in question is a low amount and it is a first offense, the case can be handled by plea bargain, although there can be extenuating circumstances that may make this difficult...

    Theft cases we handle include:

    • Shoplifting Charges
    • Misdemeanor Theft Charges
    • Felony Theft Charges
    • Check Forgery Charges
    • Embezzlement Charges
    • Receiving Stolen Property
    • Auto Theft Charges
    • Robbery Charges

    It is a mistake to proceed without counsel because a criminal theft charge will remain on the record. Theft is defined as the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods or property of another. A theft charge is very serious and can affect current or future employment and potentially lead to jail time. There are different levels of theft charges in St. Louis and they vary according to the amount stolen, method of theft, and prior convictions.

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